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Dale enjoys working with Prestige as the company, the branding and the work ethic of the team reflect the absolute energy that is needed to deliver exceptional results for his clients!
With a systems engineering and business development background Dale was involved in the rapid expansion of a New Zealand software company into the United States. He is also a trained project management engineer having served with the New Zealand Defence Force as an engineering officer with the RNZN. These skills, combined with a sales background are the perfect combination for a successful, full time career in real estate.
Dale works in direct partnership with his wife Shirley Chen, offering real estate services in English, Cantonese and Mandarin - a wider market for his clients.
Dale has three simple goals to help you achieve a successful property sale or acquisition:

  1. To fully understand your unique requirements
  2. To negotiate the sale or purchase, with the least disruption and for the optimum market price in your desired timeframe
  3. To obtain a written reference from every client, exceeding expectations

If you are considering selling your home, please give Dale a call anytime in complete confidence: 021 937 355

Carol & Chris Rayes
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with selling our house. We had researched all the agents in the area and you were by far the experts in the Chatswood market. In reality, you exceeded all our expectations. The level of professionalism was outstanding! You made us feel comfortable about the process, you were transparent in all your dealings with us and at the end of the whole process, we really felt we had invested well in our real estate agents. Well done Dale and Shirley, you are an outstanding team
Vince & Sharon
We would like to thank Dale and Shirley for expediting the sale of our house in Chatswood so quickly. Your attention to detail and advice helped us prepare for the sale, and we appreciate all that you did to get the house sold in a couple of weeks at a great price. If we know of anyone else in the area who are wishing to sell, we would not hesitate in recommending your services. Thanks again
Tim Mitchell
To whom it may concern, I have recently SOLD my house through Dale Matravers and Shirley Chen.My son-in-law, who runs his own successful [commercial] real estate company, joined with me both during the initial meeting, and subsequent meetings, and, like myself, was very impressed with the thoroughly presented plan to market the property, and with the absolute integrity which accompanied the whole process - resulting in a sale considerably above our expectations.I would recommend Dale and Shirley confidently to any person contemplating buying or selling a residential property.
Stuart & Cathryn Wilkins
Dale and Shirley turned the typically stressful event of selling a house into an enjoyable experience. They were conservative in what they promised us, and totally over delivered, with an end result that left us delighted. We are big advocates of this team as their professionalism caused us to feel we were in really safe hands. They also move fast – whilst maintaining extremely high standards in terms of quality and outcomes. Thanks guys!
Derek Catchick and Pauline Hartwell
We engaged Dale and Shirley to assist us with selling our Chatswood home. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of service they provided to us. From the evaluation, pre-marketing, through to the sale of our property their professional assistance has been excellent. As we had no experience with buying for selling we relied heavily on them for advice. We called Dale at all hours of the day with questions and he attended our workplace on a number of occasions to look through documents for us and to assist us. We were dealing with difficult vendors at the other end and this caused us all a lot of anguish. Dale supported us through these times and kept us calm and optimistic. We really admire his patience and diligence and even when we only had one weekend left to find a buyer, he found us two! I have no doubt that without Dale and Shirley we would not have been able to realise our dream of living in the country and in the house we have fallen in love with. I would highly recommend Dale and Shirley to anyone who was looking to sell their property. They certainly earned their fee working for us and we thank them for their tremendous support and hard work.
Michael Chung
안 녕하세요. 지난 5월에 137 Chelsea view drive 를 Dale Shirley를 통해서 팔았습니다.부동산 경기가 최악의 시점이었는 데도 불구하고 용케 그 집을 팔 수 있었 던 것은 전적으로이들 의 덕분이라고 생각하고 있습니다. 친절하고 성실하며 아시아 문화에 대한 이해가 많아서 함께 거래하기가 마음이 편안했습니다.도한 아 시안, 키위가 부부로 함께 일하므로 카바하는 고객의 범위가 넓은 것이큰 강점인 것 같습니다. 거래가 잘 성사되기를 빌며 이들을 추 천합니다.정관영
Robin & Sonia Byrne
To whom it may concern, Firstly, Robin and I would like to say a huge thank you to Dale and Shirley for their outstanding work in selling our home, and also assisting us in the purchase of our new home. We had three different agents come and appraise our home. One team of agents was Dale & Shirley. We were interested in discussing with them as to why they didn't seem to use the standard auction process. We were not looking forward to the usual auction which most other companies are offering. Dale and Shirley thoroughly covered why they prefer not to use this form of selling. They answered all our questions and also brought up things we hadn't thought about. Dale and Shirley were so organised after only giving them half a day to prepare. They came with all the recent sales of the area and were able to give us an estimate of what they thought our home would sell for at the end of the first appointment. Other agents took a couple of days to do this. Our house ended up being listed that very same day, in the Property Press the next day. Dale also ordered our Lim report for us and we had it a few days later, ready for our first and only weekend of open homes! We are so glad we did not sell by auction. We would have had many more open homes and I’m sure we would not have achieved the high price that we got for our home. They have a keen interest in the Chatswood area and this shows in their knowledge and database of prospective buyers. Both Dale and Shirley were definitely working for us, the vendors. They had a great offer for us to consider straight after our first weekend of open homes and two others in the pipeline. They walked us through the whole process and almost made it stress free! Both Dale and Shirley were available anytime if we needed to ask any questions. Later we also rang them on a few occasions, seeking advise on buying our new home. This was of no benefit to them as it was over the other side of Auckland yet they we still so helpful to us.Dale and Shirley went over and above what I would normally expect from real estate agents. They were professional yet so friendly and approachable. We would have no hesitation in highly recommending this couple to anyone intending to sell their home.
Debbie & Paul
We selected Dale and Shirley as our real estate agents because we were impressed by their professionalism, detailed knowledge of Chatswood real-estate and passion for their job. Selling a house is a huge undertaking and as we all know can be very stressful. Thanks to Dale and Shirley's positive personalities, expertise and excellent communication skills, most of the stress was removed from the process. We have even joked that Dale and Shirley give real estate agents a good name.
Denise Churchill
To whom it may concern,I would have no hesitation in recommending to list a house to sell with Dale and Shirley. I got professional service and honestly throughout the sale of my sister's house which was very much appreciated!
Allan and Sharon Rodrigues
To whom it may concern, Sharon and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dale Matravers and Shirley Chen for the brilliant work done in making both the sale of our home (in Chatswood) and the purchase of our new home (in Chatswood as well), a painless and very rewarding endeavour. Dale and Shirley demonstrated a good understanding of the real estate market and of the customer expectations that drive value in the marketplace for real estate. The advice and support they gave us was invaluable, their approach was professional, the integrity they brought to the sale and purchase was clearly visible through the entire process. It became very obvious to us that they had our best interests at heart, and on one occasion they picked up a major error in the contract that was missed by all parties including our lawyer, which would have been disadvantageous to us in the event. When the time came to buy a house we looked at a number of properties – we have to say that the entire team were brilliant in their support and professionalism. In the event we saw a house we particularly liked in Chatswood, and as it happens, was being presented by Dale and Shirley again. Once again we were struck by the professionalism displayed by Dale and Shirley. They looked after the interest of their client all along, and yet facilitated the process so that both parties were satisfied with the outcome. In doing so I believe they managed to achieve what is perhaps often wished for but rarely seen in the real estate industry – A willing buyer and a willing seller both satisfied with a win-win as the outcome. Sharon and I take great pleasure in recommending Dale and Shirley to any of their future customers. We now count them as our personal friends. I would be delighted if this reference is given the publicity it deserves. Cheers
Debs Preston
To whom it may concern, I would just like to thank Dale and Shirley for the absolutely fantastic service they provided whilst selling my house.They often found themselves in difficult situations , but at all times remained professional and of absolute highest integrity. For what was a very trying and difficult time, they made the journey of the sale, a somewhat pleasant experience. I felt at the end of the day they ensured the best possible outcome in a very short space of time.I would highly recommend their service for anyone wanting to sell their property. They provide the highest customer service I have ever seen from a real estate agent, not just stopping at helping us sell our house but also assisting with providing market advice and also ways to sell some chattels - they really went 'beyond the call of duty', the most important aspect was their trust.Please recognise them within your organisation, they really are a tribute for your brand.I am always happy to give verbal references if necessary.Regards,
David and Pennie
Our house had been on the market for 9 months without an offer. We had already bought another property so the situation was desperate - bankruptcy, divorce or suicide were the likely options! On the recommendation of friends and neighbours, all of whom spoke very highly of this team, we called in Dale and Shirley. Within 48 hours we had a signed offer and agreement and within another 48 hours we had a back up offer as well. And not at a giveaway price either. But it didn't stop there. Dale and Shirley follow up and make sure everything runs smoothly and do any necessary liaison between agreement and going unconditional. During that very frustrating 9 months, we often wondered what made the difference between a very successful agent and a less successful one. I think the answer "energy" which Dale and Shirley demonstrated in abundance together with their enthusiasm. The sale agreement was not achieved by sitting back and waiting for things to happen.Best regards,
Peter & Robyn Brown
Dear Dale & Shirley, We thought that we should formally thank you both for the sale of our property at 71 Porritt Avenue, Chatswood. From the time that we first approached you we have been most impressed with your professionalism and with your knowledge of the local real estate market, and throughout the whole sale process you constantly kept us informed of what was happening for which we were most appreciative. Although we do appreciate that a sale can take longer to happen than anyone would like, in our case we had assumed from day one that you would be successful and we never lost faith at any stage in your collective ability to bring a sale to a successful conclusion – and which you did - well done.We wish you well in the future and if we do come across anyone intending to sell their property, particularly in the Chatswood area, we will strongly suggest that they should at least have a chat with you.
Michael Chung
Hi, I sold my house on 137 Chelsea View Drive thanks to Shirley and Dale's help. Even though property market was at the worst at that time I just managed to sell my home! I feel much obliged to them for their contribution. It was quite comfortable to work with them because they were friendly and hard working, and they have good understanding about the Asian culture. Furthermore the team of Chinese and Kiwi couple has much more advantage because of their wide coverage of diverse customers.I recommend this team and wish you good luck!
Ricky Faesen Kloet
Just a quick note to say thanks for helping with the sale of our house. Your professional service and honest opinion was greatly appreciated and we wouldn't hesitate to use you again to sell our home in the future. Again thanks for your help. Regards
Wayne Moore, Glen van Prehn, Mike Moore
Dear Dale & Shirley! Thank You! We wish to record our thanks and gratitude for the way you managed and marketed the sale of our family home at 29 Porritt Ave, Chatswood. We choose Dale & Shirley as our sole agents due primarily to your passion for the Chatswood area. Your knowledge and database of prospective purchasers and market activity is second to none. They were also realistic and within the range of the competitor agents when appraising the property value. The home sold 9 1/2 hours after listing, for a price which exceeded our expectations. Almost unbelievable in a buoyant market, let alone one that is a little subdued…. and due entirely to them intensely focussing on selling the property NOT themselves. Thank you both once again!
Iain Scott
To whom it may concern, I will gladly provide you with a reference for Dale and Shirley. We know the real estate agents in the local area very well, I make my judgement based on open homes that I attended as a purchaser, and without a doubt Dale is 100% working for the vendor not the purchaser. The number of times I walked into open homes for the agent to say (the vendor will accept less, or make any offer if your interested, was SHOCKING!!). Dale on the other hand, started with comments like, this is the North Shore, you need to be prepared to pay the asking price (or very close to it), he made comments like (this is a good property, and very well priced). As a vendor this is 100% what I wanted a real estate agent to say at open homes. We listed with Dale and Shirley after long discussions with many agents, the other agents fell into two camps: 1. Market without a price (these agents did not seem to know the market, and were not committed enough or just did not know what they thought the house was worth). They used all the recent sales data from spreadsheets to make their guides, but this is no use really, as you need to know what a house was like, what it was listed for, what buyer feedback was etc to know how it compares with your house. 2. Market at an unrealistic price, there are a few of these agents that will buy your listing by suggesting your house is worth $50-150k more than it really is. Beware of these agents, they are the ones that push purchasers to offer very low, so they can "educate" you on the real worth of the property. I was very uncomfortable with these agents as I had been to a few of their open homes. If I didnt know them, I would of been tempted by their message. Dale and Shirley had a different approach, they told me what they thought the house would sell for, and I marketed at $25k above this level, as the market has changed this year, and people will expect to negotiate with you. Dale and Shirley have always been upfront and honest, they run professional marketing campaigns (the weekly flyers get more business than the property press in my view), and they handled the sale process very professionally. I never felt pressured into selling, and I was confident that they were trying to get the best price they could from the purchaser (I know this as I have purchased through them as well). I guess I am saying I am very confident that Dale/Shirley were working for me, we are very happy with the outcome (sold unconditionally on the first weekend). I didnt expect our house to sell that quickly, which did have an element of luck. The real judgement as to an agents commitment is what is happening after 8 weeks on the market, and we were expecting this length of engagement, and we note that they do sell their houses in the end. I would strongly recommend you use Dale & Shirley, good luck!
Zena & Brett England
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and sentiments about the conduct of your two company representatives, Dale Matravers and Shirley Chen, in the commitment they both exhibited to ensure a successful sale of our property. We had intended to put our home on the market with a competitor but met Dale at an open home. Upon speaking with him we agreed to have him visit to appraise our home. We were both so impressed with his enthusiasm, integrity and commitment that we decided to list our property with Dale and Shirley instead. Right from the outset we have both been impressed with their professionalism and friendliness. We feel sure that they were both working in our best interests, something which is not always the case. We also feel that they secured a very good deal for our property. In fact Dale was still doggedly working on a back-up offer right until the offer went unconditional. This was both touching and very much appreciated by us both. We would have no hesitation in using this energetic couple for any future real estate business and nor would we hesitate in recommending them to others. We wish them both all the very best in their future, Kindest regards,
Between us, my wife and I have bought and sold 7 houses and must have come in contact with 50 or more real estate sales people. The service I experienced with Dale and Shirley was measurably superior to that offered by any other real estate agent in my experience
We know the real estate agents in the local area very well, I make my judgement based on open homes that I attended as a purchaser, and without a doubt Dale is 100% working for the vendor
Dale and Shirley have always been upfront and honest, they run professional marketing campaigns and handled the sales process very professionally. I never felt pressured into selling and I was confident that they were trying to get the best price they could from the purchaser - I know this as I have purchased from them as well
We were impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism Shirley and Dale showed. Instead of the stressful and painful ordeal selling your home can be, the whole process was achieved totally harmoniously and hassle-free
Both Graeme and I were really impressed by the open friendliness, honesty, integrity and helpfulness of Dale and Shirley, and we have no hesitation in recommending them to sell your property

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