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Shirley is able to present and negotiate in multiple languages, speaking fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese, ensuring that Prestige can offer unparalleled levels of service to a diverse customer base on the North Shore. Shirley has incredible desire and focus, the perfect attributes to successfully market property and achieve outstanding results! She is a consistent performer and can be relied upon to market a home with integrity and energy throughout the entire marketing campaign. Shirley works in partnership with her husband Dale Matravers , together they form a top performing team. A confident and professional negotiator, Shirley's sales experience, complimented with multi-lingual skills make her a wonderful asset to the Prestige team!

Michael Chung
안녕하세요. 지난 5월에 137 Chelsea view drive 를 Dale Shirley를 통해서 팔았습니다.부동산 경기가 최악의 시점이었는 데도 불구하고 용케 그 집을 팔 수 있었 던 것은 전적으로이들의 덕분이라고 생각하고 있습니다. 친절하고 성실하며 아시아 문화에 대한 이해가 많아서 함께 거래하기가 마음이 편안했습니다.도한 아시안, 키위가 부부로 함께 일하므로 카바하는 고객의 범위가 넓은 것이큰 강점인 것 같습니다. 거래가 잘 성사되기를 빌며 이들을 추천합니다.정관영 Hi, I sold my house on 137 Chelsea View Drive thanks to Shirley and Dale's help. Even though property market was at the worst at that time I just managed to sell my home! I feel much obliged to them for their contribution. It was quite comfortable to work with them because they were friendly and hard working, and they have good understanding about the Asian culture. Furthermore the team of Chinese and Kiwi couple has much more advantage because of their wide coverage of diverse customers.I recommend this team and wish you good luck!

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